Rashtrapati Bhavan Stamps:Proud Moments For Stamp Designer

Sankha Samanta

\"\"On 5th August 2011 Rashtrapati Bhavan Stamps were released at a grand ceremonial function in the Durbar Hall in Rashtrapati Bhavan. Even as the Stamps were not printed to my expectation, it was a proud moment for me as  Dr. Christy Fernandez, Secretary to the President thanked me for designing, while addressing the august gathering. The day was indeed special to me for a different reason also. Her Excellency the President of India was so very kind and gracious to meet me and give me these autographs. I will cherish those moments forever.\"\"\"\"

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9 Responses to Rashtrapati Bhavan Stamps:Proud Moments For Stamp Designer

  1. dr pradeep jain says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to Mr Samanta for his achievements.As you have added another pearl in the long series of your beautiful art.Hope that in another programme in future we will get your autographs on your art work.Hope to meet you regularly on this e-bulletin thru your articles and views about Indian philately.

  2. Kalesh Kumar S G says:

    Mr.Samantha is a master in this class. Great one Sir… Philatelists like me are great admirers of your work… Please keep up the good work and hearty congratulations on designing landmark issues…

  3. N.A.Mirza says:

    Dear Mr. Samantha:

    My heartiest congratulations to you. Meeting the president is not important. What is important is she acknowledged your efforts with an open heart. We in Maharshtra call her Pratibha Tai and while active in politics many years ago, she used to not only encourage but help people for their creative efforts and activities.

    N.A. Mirza

  4. Kamran Ahmad says:

    Lifetime proud moment . Congratulation’s. I wish, in future you will see more moments like this.

  5. Sankha Samanta says:

    Thank you for your comments Dr Jain and Mr Kumar.
    The National Philately Museum was inaugurated last month in New Delhi. For all stamp lovers I wish to inform that the Museum is fresh and beautiful with many interesting Dioramas. A section of 4 frames is dedicated as Artist’s Corner. Presently some of my works illustrating the process of my designing is on display. It has quite a few original artworks which covers the span of my 24 years of work in this field. A set of 11 carved wooden tiles on the Stamps on Jayadeva and Geetagovinda is on display which is designed and hand painted by me. I shall later post photographs of them. Wish you all a happy viewing of the Museum.

  6. Guwahati Philately society says:

    **Cogratulations** to Mr Samanta for his achievements.We wish you for your good work and hope you will continue this in future also.On the request of the philatelist of North East,we request you to design stamps on the theme of the Natural Beauty of North East, if you do this the people of North Eastern region are very much greatful to you.


    Stamp designers are like the lyrics writers of all wonderful songs
    whose playback singers are as famous as pop-stars but the song-writer
    goes totally unsung.
    Great to know that the credit is acknowledged & GIVEN where
    it partly/ mostly belongs.

  8. Ujwala says:

    What could be probable reasons that Indian stamps never carries name of the designer.Perhaps ‘this’ attributes to the Intellectual Property Right of the artist/designer. Kindly refer the characteristics of postage stamps from UPU.

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