Greenland Withdraws Two Stamps

\"\"On 9th may 2011 Post Greenland issued the two stamps G464 and G465. These stamps are the first in a new definitive series with Her Majesty the Queen Margrethe II’s portrait.After the stamps were issued, it became regrettably apparent that the printed stamps did not live up to the high quality, which POST Greenland normally delivers. The error in quality occurred despite many control and security measures.Because of the qualitative error the sales of the two definitive stamps has been discontinued in the post offices of Greenland as of 26th may 2011.

To replace the stamps, the printing of two new stamps with the same portrait of the Queen is being initiated. These stamps will be issued in the high quality that POST Greenland stands for.In POST Greenland’s opinion the two withdrawn stamps will not constitute philatelic variants, which is to say rare and sought after issues. The reason for this is that stamp collectors all over the world, who have standing orders for POST Greenland’s new stamps, have already received the two stamps, as is the custom at any stamp issue. The decision to reprint the stamps has only been made because POST Greenland wishes to deliver the highest quality of stamps.

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    this issue realy provide us the information about haw post office protect the interest of genuin stamp collectors against the exploitation in foreign countries it is realy a creditable.

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