Today is the 69th Anniversary of Quit India Movement

\"\"By Anurag

\"\"The Quit India Movement (Bharat Chhodo Andolan) was the final call, the definitive organized movement of civil disobedience for the immediate independence of India from\"\" British rule issued by Mahatma Gandhi on August 9, 1942 and made famous by his slogans Do or Die (Karenge Ya Marenge in Hindi) and No Violence (Ahimsa). Unlike the previous two Gandhi-led revolts, Quit India was more controversial, and specifically designed to obtain the exit of the British from Indian shores.

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One Response to Today is the 69th Anniversary of Quit India Movement

  1. dr pradeep jain says:

    After celebrating this 69th anniversary again we can see another quit corruption movement in INDIA in upcoming next few days. Congratulations for posting this nice article to rememorise this new generation about those days of struggle.

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