Rakhi Envelopes by Bihar Circle of India Post

By Anil Kr Pujara\"\"\"\"

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2 Responses to Rakhi Envelopes by Bihar Circle of India Post

  1. Er.H.K.Jain says:

    This type of Rakhi Envelope actually issued in year 2009 along with 2 other design, with 7 type of Advertisements (including this one). It is a all India issue & sell out in M.P.;Chhatisgarh & other states also.

  2. R.K.MISHRA says:

    Thanks Mr Pujara, for bringing out a product of Bihar Circle
    Raksha Bandhan is being celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Shravan. Sisters tie a Rakhi around right wrist of their brothers. Religious aspect of Raksha Bandhan is promise by brother for the protection of sister to the extent of defending her honor even at the expense of his life. Here, the sister shows respect to the brother in the form of adoration or worship.
    According to our Puran Indrani wife of Deve Indra first tied Sutra (Rakhi) to deve Indra for his longer life and to win in battle with Danava.
    Rani Karnavati of Chittor sent a Rakhi to the Mughal Emperor Humayun when she was threatened by Bahadur Shah of Mewar and Humayun came to her rescue.
    When Pururavas who was in the position to kill Alexander in the battle. At that point, Alexander’s wife approached Pururavas and tied a Rakhi on his wrist. Just as Pururavas raised his hand to deliver a mortal blow to Alexander, he saw the Rakhi and decided to spare Alexander’s life.
    Guru ties Sutra (Ganda) over the wrist of their pupils before adopting as shishya.
    An innovative product of India Post passed in their an extraordinary Gazette no.358 dated August 8 2006 amending Act of 1898 of dhara 7 (10-D.Rakhi mail Services)
    The Business development and Marketing Directorate marketed an innovative product Rakhi Envelopes on 08.08.2006 and income from advertisement also procured. The polymer waterproof envelopes are designed and developed by M/S DU.PONT Tuvek

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