Perforation Error in Miniature Sheets

By Sreejesh Krishnan\"\"\"\"\"\"

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One Response to Perforation Error in Miniature Sheets

  1. N.A.Mirza says:

    These errors are common these days but they provide a variety to a philatelist/collector. Miniature sheets on Children’s Day; Crafts Museum issued in 2010; Rabindranath Tagore; 2nd Africa-India Summit 2011; Legandry Heroins of India, and last but not the least 100 Years of Airmail – all issued in 2011 have perforation errors. The story does end here. I have even seen difference in perforation sizes – both vertically and horizontally. In this age of technology, such errors do not augur well when compared to pin perforations 50 or 70 or even a 100 years ago. An interesting part of such errors in miniature sheets is differing errors in miniature sheets on one particular issue. What I mean to say, for example, 100 Years of Airmail, the perforation on on of the stamps is ok but differs on the other. For this, one will have to have two or more miniature sheets and compare the perforations from the back of the sheet to determine the error, i.e. perforation move upward, downward, right or left. This is a time-consuming exercise on hand while on the other it makes a philatelist/collector shell out more money but at the end the philatelist/collector is not at all a loser as such errors add to his/her collection on variety.

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