Malta:Maritime Stamps

\"\"Malta Post will issue a set of 4 stamps on 10th Aug. 2011 entitled \’Maritime Malta\’ depicting four vessels which reflect the importance of maritime activities in Malta\’s economic development and security.The stamps feature the M.V. Ta\’ Pinu of Gozo Channel, M.V. Jean De La Valette of Virtu Ferries, Patrol Boat – P23 of the Armed Forces of Malta and M.V Spinola of Tug Malta.An amount of 100,000 stamps carry a face value of ˆ0.26, 400,000 stamps carry a face value of ˆ0.37, 80,000 stamps carry a face value of ˆ0.67, and ˆ0.91 carry a face value of 60,000.

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