President House Stamps:Another Mishap

\"\"By Anil Kr Pujara

Images provided by Sreejesh Krishnan

Atlast D-day had come. Much awaited stamps on the theme of President House were released by Honble President of India.But instead of bringing cheers on the faces of Philatelist/ collectors, it casted the spell of disapppointment.The reasons are many like:–(1)Complete supply of all material is not available at all Bureaus.In many Bureaus the material reached is completely wet n sticking to each other due to poor packing. \"\"

(2)Quality of paper is not upto the mark in comparison to the stamps of India-Africa

(3)Stamps designing is very disappointing.

(4)Size of FDC is again abnormal.\"\"

(5)Despite this, MS does not fit on the FDC.

(6)The Presentation Pack does not specify the details of the contents.\"\"\"\"\"\"

(7)Price is exborbitent.

(8)Some bureaus are supplying only ms with presentation pack.

(9)Presentation Pack though very beautiful can not accomodate FDC as the size of FDC is bigger than the size of Presentation Pack.

\"\"(10)The more important factor of disappointment is majority of the collectors were expecting that Sheetlets and se-tenant’s will be issued in this case.But Philatelist proposes n India Post disposes.It did not happen. Another beautiful theme allowed to go waste. Had it been setenent or sheetlet, it would have been to the much delight of common collector n made stamps more beautiful n presentable.Why it did not happen is best known to the India Post. When will India Post become collector friendly, only God can answer?\"\"

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10 Responses to President House Stamps:Another Mishap

  1. Sankha Samanta says:

    It is sad that we should all be disappointed with such a prestigious issue of stamps on Rashtrapati Bhavan. As a designer I am extremely disappointed. In the concept stage I wanted to do exclusive photography on the architectural features, I was disallowed due to security constrains. To do the designs for Stamps FDC and Presentation Pack, I had to depend on scanned images from printed material available with very few options to choose from. As a soldier it was like winning a war with hands tied behind ! However, I tried my best with these picture and worked out the details digitally as much as possible. However all that effort was in vain.The printing is so substandard that about 25 to30% of details with richness of colours have disappeared ! Not that at all times Nasik Security Press would produce such disappointing results. At times issues designed by me like Sparrows and Pigeons, Rabindranath Tagore were printed well. Why they cannot maintain quality is a mystery to me, particularly when an issue like Rashtrapati Bhavan is on their hands they should have ensured highest standards.

    Sankha Samanta

    • Dinu says:

      Dear Mr. Samanta,

      I am indeed surprised and glad to see your post here.

      After knowing the detail about Rashtrapati Bhavan designing some sadness is indeed gone.
      It is true that the beautiful theme has not measured upto standard or expectation but your honest explanation takes away certain amount from it.
      However, I must congratualte you on Rabindranath tagore especially the MS and old age (writing stamp) – It is a pleasure to behold these stamps in hand and it carries one back to time immemorial.

      India post works it’s wonder in it’s own mysterious way – like now a days in literature we do not find the type of paper used, perforation gauge, sometime even number of MS printed also vanishes.

      Thanks and regards

    • Dinu says:

      Yes, the MS should have made slighly smaller to fit on the FDC.

      • SUNIL KUMAR GARG says:

        When the Miniature Sheet issued is bigger than the
        First Day Cover-let it be. Enjoy it that way only.
        Stick it on the FDC only if MS is small & some space
        is spared for the address, I think.

  2. Kamran Ahmad says:

    Ya MS is too large for fdc cancellation and why one must purchase presentation pack with MS? It is India Post “Dadagiri”.

    • Dinu says:

      No Sir, I got the MS without presentation pack. That means it indicates India post is adopting different policy in different post offices.

      Nothing to wonder.


    Thanks Mr.Samantha for explaining things. I think it is almost
    impossible to feel full & fine after covering such a vast-vast building
    that Rashtrapati Bhavan is, in 4 small stamps. Still, good job.
    I was ‘expecting’ 2 big stamps & 2 se-tenants, yes-we the stamp
    lovers are very imaginative & always ask for more.
    About the quality of stamps- I think it can only be as good as
    the quality of materials used like paper,ink, machine & of course
    the human element.

  4. Sankha Samanta says:

    Thank you Mr.Garg for your comments. I feel in the larger interest of philately, all philatelists should meet at a forum, then collectively make a joint draft of technical elements involved in this hobby such as standardization of the different possible sizes of FDCs/ brochures standardization paper and ink quality, standardization of quality of printing, which should be at par with international standards, managing sales and supplies through Bureaus and all other issues. I feel if this is presented through your representative to the Department of Post, then it will perhaps help the Department to incorporate your suggestions in the guidelines which we follow to design stamps and other philatelic material. This constructive involvement of all philatelist is effectively required to achieve better results in future.

  5. dr pradeep jain says:

    Stamps are repesentive of culture and heritage of that country.These commemorative stamps generate only and only revenue for dept of post because they directely go in to albums of collectors without any postal use.So atleast dept should try to improve the quality and look of this items.Very correctely suggested by Mr Samanta that we should come to a platform and suggest the dept. about all these aspects with positive attitude.Hoping for active participation from all corners for this discussion.
    dr. pradeep Jain

  6. Kamran Ahmad says:

    Postal stamp represents countries rich culture,heritage,life and what kind of paper material, quality of ink,design etc. etc. must be used, postal department knows very well. These stamps and fdc’s are worldwide supplies for philatelists collection through friendship or dealers.
    They keep these materials for very long years also.
    Every commemorative stamp should be treated , Keeping view on all above things. After all these stamps are reflecting India’s Image worldwide, at least for philatelists.

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