USPS : Special Cancellation at Henry Hill House

In a special, one-day numismatic offering by the USPS on, July 21st, the historic Henry House near the National Park Service\’s (NPS) Henry Hill House Visitor Centre opened it\’s door to create a little history in 2011.  Lines formed early and remained throughout the day as stamp collectors and Civil War buffs purchased \”First Day Issues\” from inside the Henry House on Manassas Battlefield Park grounds. \"\"

On the 150th anniversary of the first major land battle of the Civil War, Judith Henry\’s house was once again the centre of attention.  Judith Herny was the only civilian killed in that first battle.   Two cancellations were offered on the first two stamps in a USPS Civil War series. Thursday\’s special cancellations featured one for the \”First Battle of Manassas\” (by Manassas National Battlefield Park Station 20109), and a second cancellation for the \”First Battle of Bull Run\” (Civil War Sesquicentennial Dedication Station 20110) . The rdual cancellations follow a historic tradition as the Confederates tended to name battles after the locality/town while the Union used the names of streams, rivers and geographic features. At this site, both names are still commonly used.  First Day issues include the date of issue and are available only that day.  The first Civil War series issue earlier in 2011 was a Fort Sumter stamp on April 12.

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