Presentation Album by India Post and Telegraphs-1969

By Dr. Pradeep Jain

\"\"On 2nd October 1969 in Tokyo a nicely prepared album of 12 pages containing different variety of selected stamps which were issued in republic of India was gifted to all delegates attending U.P.U. members world conference.This was presented by Sri Satya Narayan Sinha, The minister of Information & Broadcasting and Communications, Government of India.

The first page contained four stamps issued on Gandhi centenary in 1969,then commerative stamps issued on great personalities like Nehruji, Lalbahadur Shastri,Abraham Lincoln and Homi Bhabha.Another page was decorated with stamps on birds, wild animals, Tajmahal, scouts,Maxim Gorky,19th olympic games1968 and last page with two definative stamps on dal lake and bhakra dam.This album had total of 43 beautiful Indian stamps showing the different aspects of our culture and social heritage.

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One Response to Presentation Album by India Post and Telegraphs-1969


    Wonderful piece of info. The choice of the 43 stamps
    appears great, as they represent almost the best P & T issued
    during 1960s. But, in my opinion P&T issued much better though
    fewer stamps in 1950s. P&T has since issued much-2 beautiful
    stamps in the 70s,80s & 90s. The last decade has been the decade
    of quantity and not of quality. Color Variations, out-of-center,
    misperforations etc. etc…

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