Bermuda:New Stamp Series Featuring Casemates

On 21st July 2011the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Kim Wilson participated in\"\" the Bermuda Post Office’s latest stamp series launch depicting the old Casemates Barracks. The event took place at Commissioner’s House in Dockyard.Minister Wilson said, “I am pleased to be here to highlight yet another fine addition to our Stamp Series – the stamps depicting some of Bermuda’s most iconic structures – Commissioners House, the Casemates Barracks and other images of the Royal Naval Dockyard.”“So much has been written and recorded about the Royal Naval Dockyard, its cultural importance and its physical structures that it seemed only appropriate that we honour its historical legacy in a Stamp series.”

\"\"“Without question, Dockyard is considered to be one of the most fascinating areas in Bermuda. Its buildings and architecture are timeless, and over the decades the Royal Naval Dockyard has certainly enhanced Bermuda’s reputation of being one of the most culturally attractive locations in the world. In a moment, you will hear more from Mr. Stanley Taylor of the Bermuda Philatelic Bureau regarding the history of this stamp series.” “However I’d like to share just a few highlights. History tells us that the Bermuda Dockyard of the Royal Navy was established in 1809 as a result of the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), which ushered in the independence of 13 British colonies of what became the United States of America. History also tells us that the construction of the Dockyard took over 50 years.”“Casemates, the second oldest building in Dockyard, housed the Royal Marines Light Infantry. It was built during the period 1839 to 1843 by large number of British convicts who were brought in from England, and it served as Bermuda’s maximum security prison from the early 1960s until 1994. “It conjures up thoughts of a rich and exciting history, which will forever be etched in our imagination. But the Casemates Barracks was also a significant location for the training of tradesmen.”

Now more than 200 years later, the Casemates Barracks continues to have significant historical relevance.In recent years, Cabinet sanctioned its approval for this building to become the Bermuda National Museum.

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