World Breast Feeding Week 1-7 August

By Dr Predeep Jain

Today is 1st day of World Breast Feeding Week and this time, a weeklong campaign will be run by the Indian Academy of Paediatrics and other social organisations of India to observe the week and create more awareness among people regarding breast feeding.

\"\"Breastfeeding is very vital for an infant’s growth because a child receives optimal mix of nutrients from the feed. The varying composition of breast milk from time to time also keeps the best pace with the infant’s changing nutritional needs.

               Many reports has recently revealed that only 24% of mothers breastfeed their child within an hour of the birth and 46% of them breastfeed their babies up to six months. Moreover the report also said the breastfeeding is rapidly declining from the first month to six month.\"\"

            During this week long campaign all govt. agencies and organisations has plans to educate masses about the importance and the advantages of breastfeeding and to create awareness regarding breastfeeding at different venues from Monday onwards. World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action(WABA) has given World Breastfeeding Week theme for 2011 focusing on engaging and mobilising youth intergenerational work with the catchy slogan of: \”Talk to me!\"\"

         Correctly said -\”It’s important to remind the world of why breastfeeding should not be a cultural norm only. It’s a biological norm but it’s not a cultural norm and that’s really what we want to stress,.\”

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    A nice and aware full /educative exhibit,use of postal stationery and label
    enhanced its philatelic value .

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