Brazil:BRAPEX 2011 Stamps

\"\"Brazil has released four stamps on 23rd July 2011. In the top left, the image of Curupira mounted on a boar, scaring a possible agent of deforestation, represented by a man and a chainsaw that down the tree.In the upper right, the Mãe-do-ouro (Mother-of-gold) emerges from the water with a fireball in hers hands, inspiring a gold prospector. At the bottom left, the figures of Boto (Dolphin) and a young pregnant woman alludes to the legend of seduction of women by an unknown man. In the lower right corner, the Mula-semcabeça (Headless Mule), which would have been a woman, the mistress of a priest, represented by a man in a church.

As a background image, nature, green symbolizes the forest with many plants, fruits and animals; the river isolates the characters as an island, inaccessible, reporting to the imagination. Also, the set of four stamps is arranged in a miniature sheet, which discloses, in the upper right, the logo of the National Philatelic Exhibition – BRAPEX 2011. Drawing techniques were used.

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