PPC:Harappan Civilisation, Lothal

\"\" By RamanMandal

Lothal, the pride of indus valley civilization situated about 87 Kms. south-west of Ahmedabad was discovered in 1954. Lothal remains show a settlement of Harappan era dating back to 2200 BC and add a new chapter to the History of India by extending the geographical limits of the contemporary Egyptian and Sumerian societies as far south as the Gulf of Khambhat. Being an important settlement of the Harappan civilisation, Lothal civilisation was planned more or less on the same lines as the other great cities of theHarappan civilisation like Mohan-Jo-Daro and Kalibangan. The orderly arrary of streets and lanes, and the division of the town into various blocks are described by S.R. Rao as the \”characteristic features which distinguish the Harappan cities from those of Egypt and Mesopotamia \”.The cancellation has been introduced at Lothal Bhurkhi R.S. Post Office on 17-12-1997.


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