Number Game in Kiwi Stamps

\"\"NewZealand has recently issue these special kiwi stamps.Take a numerical journey from 1 to 21 in a quintessentially \’Kiwi\’ way with the Counting in Kiwi stamp issue. With each number, you\’ll discover unique and quirky aspects of New Zealand\’s culture, history and Kiwiana.Each of the 21 stamps in the issue has a distinctive \’Kiwi\’ flavour.

Number 1 is represented by State Highway 1 – the road that runs the length of both the North and South Islands. As we count higher, we discover snippets of the New Zealand way of life until we reach 21 – the milestone birthday that is widely celebrated in New Zealand with a traditional 21st key.This iconic sheet of 21 stamps is a fun representation of Kiwi culture that\’s not to be missed! Following on from the popular A to Z of New Zealand stamp issue, this time NZ Post uses numbers to tell entertaining stories about the unique nation.

The full set of 21 stamps is also spread across a set of three first day covers, the first of which has numbers 1 (State Highway 1) to 3 (three-hour ferry ride across Cook Strait). The second first day cover includes numbers 4 (four stars of the Southern Cross) to 10 (ten guitars – the popular song of the 1960s), and the third first day cover includes numbers 11 (first 11) to 21 (21st key).

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