Inland Letter with Mirror Image

\"\"By Datta Dharmadhikari

Inland letter card for use within India was first introduced on 2nd October, 1950 by Ministry of Communications(P & T). The letter card had prescribed size (maximum: 30 cm x 21 cm and minimum: 28.2 cm x 18.2 cm)  with 3 flaps  and  maximum weight of 5 grams and was priced at 1.1/2 annas (10 paise). The price of the Inland letter, went on changing and presently it cots  Rs.2-50.

This Inland letter with embossed price of Rs.1-50, but erroneously printed with “Ulta” letterings (mirror image).  It also bears the undernoted slogan to create awareness about leprosy amongst the public:“Any brownish or pale patch on the skin with loss of sensation can be leprosy disease”.

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  1. Nice letter card. Interesting.

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