Pitcairn Islands Released Stamp on Endemic Bird

\"\"A new stamp issue from the Pitcairn Islands (A very small island with population of only 50)Philatelic Bureau focuses on the endemic birds of Henderson Island and will raise money for an RSPB project to protect the Endangered Henderson Petrel.Henderson, which is part of the Pitcairn group of islands, is a UK Overseas Territory. It is home to some 55 endemic animal and plant species. Four endemic birds are depicted on the stamps: Henderson Petrel, Henderson Crake, Henderson Fruit Dove and Henderson Reed Warbler.

The island’s wildlife is under threat from introduced rats. More than 95 per cent of petrel chicks are taken by the rats within one week of hatching – that’s more than 25,000 chicks per year. In an attempt to save the petrel, and other unique wildlife, from extinction, the RSPB has launched a rat eradication programme, which will cost in the region of £1.5 million. Proceeds from the sale of the stamps will help towards these costs.

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