India:First Stamp in Braille Script

\"\"By Dr. Pradeep Jain

This was the first stamp issued on 3rd Dec.2007 on International Day of disabled persons with additionally embossed Braille dots on the printed stamps.\"\"

Its First Day Cover was also in Braille and it is the first FDC of India in Braille.Thereafter second stamp was issued on 4th Jan 2009 on Birth centenary of Louis Braille the inventor of Embossed script for visually challenged people. Important and unique thing is the Brochure which was also issued in Braille script and probably largest one in size.\"\"

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3 Responses to India:First Stamp in Braille Script


    India Post issued it’s first Braille stamps 55+ years too late.
    Even the stamps issued in 1987 on 100 Yrs of Service to the Blind
    & on Eye Donation did not have Braille.

  2. R.K.MISHRA says:

    India Post have also issued Browser of the stamp in Hindi and English
    version in BRAILLE.Script separately in a big size about 2- A4 size paper worth keeping.


    Let’s put stamps aside for a moment.
    The news is that unlike past decades you hardly see any blind
    humanity on the roads these days.
    Actually,now they dare not venture out for fear of speedy
    two & four wheel vehicles.
    Thanks philately, we are still reminded of the visually impaired
    every now & then.

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