Spanish Stamp on Sabatini Building

\"\"On occasion of the 105 anniversary of the establishment of the Corps of Architects of the Treasury  on 4th June 2011 a stamp was issued depicting part of the Sabatini building, headquarters of the Ministry of Economy and Finance located in Alcala street in Madrid.What we know today as the Property Tax first appeared with the Budget Act of August 5, 1893. The regulation implementing the Law attributed its technical management to tax practitioners.This established the need for Architects with legal expertise and specific tax knowledge to investigate and assess real property in order to set up a register with the data of buildings and land (Land Registry). On June 24, 1906 a Royal Decree was passed regulating the access of Architects to the service of the Treasury as a technical body of graduates in architecture specializing in tax treatment of urban property.The Architect of the Treasury is a technician who also attends the Central Administration in all areas of architecture that are required, specializing in real estate valuation for tax purposes and the inspection and control of tax evasion.

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