Romania Released Stamp onThe Palace of the Parliament

The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest is recorded in the Guinness Book of World\"\" Records as the second largest building in the world.Standing out as a new brand of the Capital City of Romania, the images of the gigantic building and of some of its rooms are subject of the postage stamps issue introduced into circulation on 26th April 2011 by Romfilatelia for the first time, under the name Palace of the Parliament.The Parliament building, lying on a surface of 270 m by 245 m, is 86 m high and consists of 92 m of foundations and arranged underground areas, being considered as the most expensive administrative building th also,the heaviest in the world.The works at one of the most spectacular building in the world began in 1983, but the foundation stone laying ceremony took place in June 1984. 20,000 workers and specialists have contributed to the building works.

Europe’s largest building, the Palace of the Parliament is 365,000 sq m wide and has about 1,000 rooms, out of which, 440 offices, 30 salons and halls, four restaurants, three libraries, a concert hall and two underground parking areas.The names of the salons and halls in the Palace of the Parliament evoke both important Romanian historical events and personalities of international renown.Every single material used to build the Palace, including the wood, chandeliers, carpets and the leather, is of Romanian origin.


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