Tunisia Released “The Revolution of Dignity” Stamps

\"\"Tunisia Post has recently issued a set of four commemorative stamps with title “The Revolution of Dignity”The revolution which started back in January 2011forced the then President of Tunisia Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to leave the country. What is now commonly known as the Arab Spring and has spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa has been featured in this historic set of stamps.

Featured in the set of stamps is Mohammed Bouazizi: The Muurish Tunisian Martyr Who Toppled the Tunisian Government. Shortly after Mr Mohamed Bouazizi poured petrol over himself on December 17 and set himself alight in front of the office of the Governor of his region, life turned upside down in Tunisia and the fires that he lit have burned until it engulfed the entire country from town to town and quickly spread throughout the neighbouring Arab countries.The other designs show protesters with banners and people speaking out with loudspeakers as a sgn of demovracy and freedom All in all and in our humble opinion, these stamps are one of the most historic and bravest stamps issued in recent years.

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