India-Cyprus and Cyprus-India Joint Issue

\"\"By Anurag Vajpeyi

Relations between India and Cyprus have been traditionally very close and  friendly.\"\" Archbishop Makarios had the highest respect for Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit  Jawaharlal Nehru and was deeply appreciative of the support rendered by India to the  struggle of Cyprus against British colonial rule. India has consistently supported a  peaceful resolution of the Cyprus problem in accordance with the relevant UN Security  Council Resolutions. India supports the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of  Cyprus and respects the democratic choice exercised by the people of Cyprus in the  April 2004 referendum. India welcomes the renewed talks between the Greek and  Turkish Cypriot communities under the ‘good offices mission’ of the U.N. Secretary  General, to resolve the Cyprus problem. Cyprus too has supported India on many issues and remains one of India\’s dependable friends. The warmth of these relations has been kept alive by high level visits from both sides. A joint issue of  postage stamps was released on 10th April, 2006 under the agreement between India  and Cyprus in the field of Posts and Electronic Communications signed in October  2002.\"\"

The total number of Indians living in Cyprus is estimated at 4000 compared to  mere  a  few  hundreds  a  decade  or  so  ago.  Of  these,  over 150  are  software  professionals. There are also  around   1200  students. Among the  rest are a few  executives, mainly in the shipping sector, businessmen and a sizeable number of farm and house workers, etc.

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  1. Dinu says:

    Indian Stamps were issued on 12.04.2006 as evident from FDC Photo.
    Please rectify the error in the article.

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