Centenary of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition

\"\"By Datta Dharmadhikari

Australian Antarctic Territory will on 2nd August,2011 issue five stamps in the denomination of 60 cents each to mark the centenary of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition. The first expedition team left Hobart in December, 1911 under the command of Douglas Mawson and returned to Adelaide in February, 1914.After departing Hobart in the Aurora, captained by John King Davis, the expedition team landed t Macquarie Island where it established a radio camp. The party then continued its voyage to the Antarctic continent, arriving at Cape Denison, the main base of the expedition team and referred to as the birthplace of Australia’s Antarctic territory.  Ownership of the territory was formally transferred to Australia in 1936.

Description of the five stamps is as under:The SY Aurora carried the expedition to and from Hobart. The stamp photograph was taken by expeditionary  Xavier Mertz and the map in the stamp shows the expedition’s route.

Captain John King Davis, Captain of the ship SY Aurora, and second-in-command of the expedition.

The SY Aurora on Antarctic voyage. The stamp photograph was taken by expeditionary Andrew Watson and the postmark image is taken from a message sent from SY Aurora.

Landing at Macquarie Island.  The main photograph was taken by the Second Officer, Percey Gray.

Birdlife on Macquarie Island.  The main photograph was taken by expeditionary Harold Hamilton.

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