India:First Imprinted Greeting Post Stamp

\"\"By Dr. Pradeep Jain

First time Greeting post; a new range of delightful cards were brought by India post.These cards were ready with prepaid postage envelopes, thereby eliminating the need to affix stamps,it was a unique concept for the first time in India.What was more facinating, the postage stamp are an exact replica of Greeting post we can express ourself perfectly on every occasion,festival or event.From 1993 to 2003 about a total of 255 types of cards were issued.

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2 Responses to India:First Imprinted Greeting Post Stamp

  1. R.K.MISHRA says:

    India Post has issued Greetings of Rs 5/ in Dec. 2003 on musical RAGA,
    I. PIGE-250-Raga Megha Malhara, a painting of Uniara,Rajasthan school of paintings,Circa AD 1770
    2.PIGE-255-Raga Basant, a painting of Uniara,Rajasthan school of paintings,Circa AD 1770
    3.PIGE-256-Raga Lalit, a Kangra school of paintings,Circa 1785-90
    It can be exhibited under music frame RAGA

  2. R.K.MISHRA says:

    Dear Dr, the purpose of my writing over Greetings is to feel its fragrance,
    The exchange of illustrated greetings between friends has been recorded from ancient times. The celebration of New Year in Egypt was usually marked by exchange of such symbolic presents as scent bottles and scarabs inscribed ‘au ab nab’ (all good luck). In Rome, the medium of expression of greetings was exchange of strenae, normally branches of Laurel or Olive coted with gold leaf. Seasonal greetings were symbolized by exchanging Roman Lamps impressed with the figures of victory surrounded by strenae inscribed ‘Anno novo faustum felix tibi sit’ (May the new year be happy and lucky for you). The practice of sending of acknowledgement for the New Year with the exchange of goodwill continued in Europe through the early days of Christianity.
    In 1840 provided a convenient transmission media and the exchange of greeting card become a normal and routine feature. The modern day greeting card crystallized in 1843 when the first X-Mas card with season’s greetings was designed in U.K. The commercial production of greeting cards became fully established by 1860’s.
    Whatever the occasion, the exchange of greetings has today become a very common phenomenon. Sending greetings by way of illustrated message by post was perhaps started by British. We send greeting on occasion like Deepawali, Pongal, Durga Puja, Christmas, Idd and other festivals.
    The first Greeting stamp was introduced by India Post on 17.12 .1990 for RS. 1 & Rs 4 ON 17.12.1990. New stamp designed ‘Congratulations’ Envelope costing 150 paise was issued on 5.11.93 & the first series of Greeting Post was launched on 6th Sept.2000

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