Spain:Tapestry Stamp issue

\"\"Spain has released a stamp on 16th May 2011 on Tapestry.The image in the souvenir sheet depicts a fragment of the tapestry from the series “Dido and Aeneas” from the collection of the Palacio Real de Madrid, focusing on the passage in which “Dido bids farewell to Aeneas.”The tapestry is made of silk and wool and manufactured in Brussels around 1660 by Gerard Peemans, one of the best weavers of the time.

The tapestry featuring in the stamp and souvenir sheet shows Dido bidding farewell to Aeneas. The Queen of Cartago is at the centre of the picture sitting on her throne surrounded by women and people from her court. Dido bids farewell to Aeneas with her right hand whilst his impressive figure dressed in warrior clothes stands to the left of the composition. To the right, providing perspective to the picture there’s a garden adorned with a statue and other classical elements. The tapestry, made in the 17th century, is surrounded on its edges by a frieze decorated with fruit, floral and vegetable elements, as well as genies carrying garlands.

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