Stamps of Sudan:Now History

\"\"By Anurag Vajpeyi

A good news for philatelists who are collecting world stamps .Oil rich South Sudan has\"\" become the world\’s newest nation amidst fanfare and celebration. Joyous people in the capital Juba poured on to the streets and danced to mark the historical day as their President Salva Kiir Mayardit declared South Sudan as a sovereign nation at a colourful ceremony on Saturday.South Sudan’s president,Salva Kiir Mayardit , signed the transitional constitution and then took the oath of \"\"office with his hand on the document. Vice President of India, Mohd Hamid Ansari was among the host of International dignitaries who witnessed the unfolding of the history of the birth of South Sudan as it becomes the 193rd country in the world and the 54th nation of Africa. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, US Delegation led by Susan Rice, Chinese and Arab Delegation and several African Leaders were also present.

New nation was born after splitting away from Khartoum-ruled north, and decades of civil war that claimed nearly two million lives.

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3 Responses to Stamps of Sudan:Now History

  1. N.A. Mirza says:

    Stamps of Sudan are history for the new Republic of South Sudan but for collectors they will would be an asset. It is an irony that every new regime tries to get away with the heritage of the previous regime. Even those who preserve remains like stamps and coins, artefacts etc of the previous adminisration toppled in a revolution are perhaps considered a threat. We have examples. Not very far, today it is difficult to find stamps and coins of the Shah era in Iran. Similar is case with Iraq. In December Libya’s postal company set about erasing traces of the former regime by burning millions of stamps bearing Gaddafi’s face or “glorifying his image,” according to a statement on the Ministry of Communications’ Facebook page.
    Pan-African News Wire heading on Decemerber 26, 2012 read:
    “US-led Counter-revolutionaries in Libya Burn Stamps Bearing Gaddafi’s Image”.
    The page said that the company had burned 259,434,634 stamps printed by the former regime at a factory in the Al-Sawani area of Tripoli as part of efforts to rid Libya of “the black baggage that Libyans lived with through 42 years” of Gaddafi’s rule.
    Other recent efforts by companies and enterprises to break links to the previous regime include Afriqiyah’s choice of a new logo last week.
    Afriqiyah picked the new design after they abandoned the company’s Gaddafi-era logo commemorating the date of the Sirte Declaration on Sept. 9 1999, which created the Organization of African Unity, said Libya Herald.

  2. ANIL KR PUJARA says:

    Really it is to sad n unfortunate to bury the past in this ruthless manner.

  3. It is tragic. It may happen that some day in the distant or remote future a new era may dawn on this new country, which may repeat their mistake in obliterating that part of history. Hate and such vendetta reflects short sightedness as nations should preserve their heritage, good or bad for future generations to reflect upon.

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