PhilaMirror Set To Launch Innovative Concepts

\"\"PhilaMirror is fast approaching to its one year of operation in the month of August 2011. The journey up to this stage has proved to be an outstanding milestone in Indian Philately. The concept of launching an online Indian Philately Journal has succeeded to be a right step in the right direction and exactly in the way it was envisaged.

As far as the Indian Philately scenario is concerned it was certainly an innovative concept. And the innovation gained tremendous popularity coupled with huge success.

Since creativity and innovation stands in the roots of the concept, we never stopped conceptualizing further innovations down the line. Many creative ideas and concepts pertaining to the philately especially the Indian Philately were evolved during all these months. We evaluated each one of these innovative concepts in great depth and explored the potential and probability of its further advantageous application. While evaluating we sure ensured that the concept must qualify on the criterion to address to the benefit of the philatelists.

Down the line evaluation continued and very obviously many of the apparent innovative concepts were rejected on one or other qualifying criterion. One of the major ground of rejection still stands that we do not wish to create a business out of it. 

PhilaMirror is here exclusively with a non-profit-orientation.Our objectives do not match with business or profit-motives by unfair means. Any activity we prefer to envisage and execute need to fulfill the philatelists\’ requirements and to meet out the investments only,if there is any.

We are now having quite a wholesome list of innovative ideas and concepts for the overall benefits of all the philatelists and we are quite eager to give them a formal shape in near future.It\’s like sitting on a goldmine! Isn\’t it ?

We also invite all the philatelists to suggest us new, creative, and innovative concepts in Indian Philately and it would be great to explore the possibilities. We understand that there are many philatelists who have great potential and innate desire to help fellow philatelists with their innovative ideas. 

PhilaMirror would be happy to act as a platform and catalyst agent for change.

As the day keep coming nearer, we would be pleased to announce our new ventures within a period of a fortnight from now on.Subsequent to the brainstorming on the inititations we have now finalized the four absolutely fantastic innovative concepts that PhilaMirror would be launching down the line.We shall be bringing you the joy one by one so that you can share the thrill with equal intensity.So, just hold your breath for a short while.We will be bouncing back with a series of surprises for all the philatelists!!!!!

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8 Responses to PhilaMirror Set To Launch Innovative Concepts

  1. Kamran Ahmad says:



    Congtats!! Wishing PhilaMirror even more success in the days to come..
    My suggestion is to start a Reader`s Duplicates for Exchange CHEST,
    where readers place info about the stamp they have available for
    exchange & a want-list.

  3. Santanu Panigrahi says:

    Congratulation. It would be greatly appriciated to form a fan club wherein the interested collectors may exchange the stamps of their theme. Also one weekly auction column may be opened for the benefit of the collector.

  4. Deepak Modi says:

    Innovation is the only element which adds punches to life. So lets get ready for some from Phila Mirror…….

  5. naresh agrawal says:

    Chhaa chuka hai phila mirror pahle hi
    Ab to bus jamane ko dikhana hai
    Jo hai woh kafi nahin hai yaaro
    Abhi to bacha pura afsana hai

    Dilon ko to pahle hi chhoo chukey ho
    Ab rooh ko giruft main karogey kya
    Nayee innovations se ab apni aap
    Ek nayee philatelic duniya gadogey kya

    Swagat karten hai aapke zazabe ka
    Intezaar hai hamey aapke agley action ka
    Kya kya naya la rahey hai aap
    Intezaar hai aapke agle section ka

    Choopa ke rakha hai jo aapne humsey
    Hamari dharkaney badh chukee hai
    Ab sabra nahin hota aur haumse yaaro
    Sach mano ab to sansen bhi rukee rukee si hai

    Shubh kamnayen hamari aapko
    Phila mirror ek sucha darpan ho
    Har prayas aapkaa purna safal ho
    Har action aapka philately ko arpan ho

  6. dr pradeep Jain says:

    Kya bat hai aapne hum sabke dil ki batt kah di.
    Hope this ebulletin will set many mile stones in Philajagat in future as well.Correctly said ” PUT KE PANV PALNE ME DIKHTE HAI”.

  7. Delana Friddell says:

    @kittvskarr1 Religious beliefs found nothing to do with Biko…

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