Lithuania Post is Inviting to Design Stamps

Lithuania Post has already launched a stamp design competition encouraging everyone to use this summer time for the engagement into some creative activities and design at least one postage stamp or souvenir sheet responding to the themes announced for 2012. The authors of winning designs will be awarded monetary prizes, and the works of first-place winners will appear on the next year\’s postage stamps of Lithuania.\”We have already announced twelve themes to be featured on the postage stamps 2012. We expect everyone wishing to show their creativity to join professional artists in this competition,\” Director of Sales Division of Lithuania Post Arunas Venckavicius said.

All residents of Lithuania and other countries, irrespective of their age or education, may submit their designs of postage stamps and souvenir sheets for this competition. Most importantly, the postage stamps designed must reflect the theme and meet the requirements set.In total, 28 postage stamps and 2 souvenir sheets on 12 different themes are going to be issued the next year. The postage stamps dedicated to the XXX Olympic Summer Games, the anniversary of the Battle of Blue Water, Holy Christmas and the New Year, Lithuania and its world heritage, nature, culture objects and famous people will be among other stamps, which will be issued in 2012.The designs of the postage stamps to be issued in the first half of 2012 must be submitted to the jury before 19 September 2011. The designs of the postage stamps, which will be issued in the second half of the year, are expected to reach the organizers of the competition before 21 November 2011.

The winners of the competition will be chosen by the jury comprising the representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications and Lithuania Post, artists, historians, and specialist of other fields. The winner of the first place will receive LTL 1000 (Euro 1 = LTL 3.4528) for one postage stamp; the winners of the second and third places will receive respectively LTL 750 and LTL 450. The author of the winning set consisting of two postage stamps or a souvenir sheet with one postage stamp will be awarded a monetary prize in the amount of LTL 1500. Respectively, the winners of the second and third places will receive LTL 1000 and LTL 750.

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