Croatia:Endangered Species on Postage Stamps

\"\"Croatian Post has released three new commemorative postage stamps in the Croatian Fauna series. Animal species which inhabit the territory of the Republic of Croatia have been joined, on stamps, by three endangered species: the brown bear (face value HRK 1.60), Eleonora’s Falcon (face value HRK 3.10) and the Mediterranean Monk Seal (face value HRK 4.60).

Out of the eight species of bears known in the world, the brown bear is the most widely distributed one – among other countries, it has found a home for itself in Croatia, approximately a thousand bears. Eleonora’s Falcon, named after Eleonor of Arborea, national hero of Sardinia, is a smaller breed of falcon which inhabits the Mediterranean. About eight to ninety pairs inhabit the Croatian islands of Vis, Svetac and Biševo. The Mediterranean Monk Seal is, with about five hundred of them still in existence, considered to be among the most endangered mammals on the planet. Today it lives in small groups in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

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