Brazil:Stamp on Heritage Railway Station

\"\"Brazil released a commemorative stamp on old Railway station on 30th April 2011.The stamps in this issue focuses on the outside area of centuries-old railway stations, which are historical and architectural landmarks: Luz and Júlio Prestes Stations (São Paulo) and Central do Brasil (Rio de Janeiro). The pattern of  stamp is enriched with a vignette, the common theme of which is a coffee tree branch with the flower and fruit, a strong economic mainstay at the time and a basic element in the origin of the stations.The new Central do Brasil Station, opened in 1943, is considered the largest train station in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Its point of reference – the big four-faced clock inspired by the Art Deco movement, has for decades served as both an orientation and reference point for the people of Rio de Janeiro. The sheet vignette highlights elements like the clock, a clapper board and a movie screen, an allusion to the film “Central Station”. In the composition of the stamps the artist used photography, gouache illustration and computer graphics.

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