Estonian Post Released Stamp on Vergi Lighthouse

\"\"Estonian Post has released a  stamp  depicts Vergi lighthouse.  This is the 21st stamp in the series.The village in the eastern part of the Vergi Peninsula was first mentioned in 1539; from 1582 there is a concrete reference to the Vergi Port. In the late 19th and early 20th century Vergi was one of the biggest fishing villages on the North Estonian coast, particularly known as the best eel fishing place. In the 1920s it served as a wintering place for small ships and it also had a shipbuilding industry. In 1924 an automatic light pyramidal lattice frame light beacon covered with iron plating was put up on a large coastal reef next to Vergi Port. Analogous beacons were erected on several other Estonian islands, such as Prangli and Muhu. In 1936 a reinforced concrete lighthouse ten meters high replaced the rust-eaten structure. During World War II there was no light in the Vergi lighthouse, but it started blinking again in 1945. Vergi Lighthouse, which will be 75 in 2011, is a white concrete tower with lantern room and balcony, 10 meters high from the foot. The height of the light from sea level is 11 meters and the visibility of the light is nine miles.

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