San Marino’s:Stamp on Theater

\"\"San Marino  released a stamp on Theater theme on 4th June 2011.This issue celebrates the art of performing a story live through a combination of words, gestures, music, dance, vocality, expressivity, sounds, designs and scenery.The artist who made the original design used a chromatic approach mainly to underline the emotions that the theatre arouses in the spectator watching acting, ballet, tragedies or comedies.As a result, the souvenir sheet is covered from the top to the bottom with images of dancers and actors performing a play or opera, masks from Greek theatre and Venetian Commedia dell’Arte, parts of scenery, architecture and rays of light which, together with the symbols of the Palazzo Pubblico, the three Towers of San Marino and the allegory of the Statue of Liberty, wish to recall the importance of this visual art in the artistic panorama of the world.

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One Response to San Marino’s:Stamp on Theater


    San Marino Theatre Stamp Miniature Sheet: It is like putting
    perforations & values on portions of a modern art.
    So unphilatelic. Possibly designed only for Albums & Stockbooks.
    To be used on an envelope only incidentally.

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