Central Recruitment Fee stamp Used as Postage

By Datta Dharmadhikari

cover posted from Devgad (Ratnagiri Dist) on 21-2-1987 and  delivered at  Panaji (Goa) on25-7-1987 bearing Rs.2 Central Recruitment Fee stamp utilized as postage.  On enquiry I  was told by the post office, Devgad that due to shortage  in supply  of Rs.2 denomination stamps they are selling the “FEE” stamps.\"\"

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One Response to Central Recruitment Fee stamp Used as Postage


    In 1980s I would receive 50p & 100p labels of
    ‘Happy Child Nation’s Pride’ used as regular postage stamps on several occasions. Even today when I do a SPEEDPOST using 5 personality commemorative stamps the look on the official’s
    face is both questioning & confusing-the ending is quiet though
    as we both keep ours mouths firmly shut.

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