Professor\’s Stamp of Achievement


Chaye Loo is one of the new faces of China, or at least, its postage stamps, part of an unusual honour for his achievements as an engineer and academic leader.The Griffith University professor of civil engineering has joined the ranks of those within the Chinese diaspora to be recognised by their ancestral homeland and if his new appellation _ “World Chinese Top 10 Enterprising Pioneer” _ has a quaint ring about it, that is arguably no different from British-derived local honours such as “Officer of the Order of Australia”.The award is conferred jointly by the World Chinese Venture Model Association and the China Association for Promoting International Scientific and Technical Collaboration, which is a subsidiary of the China Association for Science and Technology. Being pictured on postage stamps is part of the award.Professor Loo was born in 1944 to Chinese parents in Ipoh, in British Malaya, attended a Chinese school, then university in Taiwan.

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