Postal Stamp Dreams of Vintage Cars in the Congo

\"\"By Peter Orsoz

These stamps of classic cars are from the Congo. The Congo is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about classic touring and race cars. Mind you, this is the Republic of Congo, not the big crazy Congo ofAli vs Foreman , theConcorde landing strip in the jungle  and the Second Congo War: that’s the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Republic of Congo is slightly less crazy. That said, rumbling along its roads in the red MG MGA (bottom row, middle) would still be a weekend to remember.

Source:The Stamp Collector

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One Response to Postal Stamp Dreams of Vintage Cars in the Congo


    Vintage or everyday- the fact is that cars attract children like nothing
    India Post should learn from Congo & issue their first set of stamps
    on Cars to attract young ones to philately.
    CARS, CRICKET & COMPUTERS is what India Post should
    explore to create stamp lovers of the future.

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