India:Joint Issues:India-Iran and Iran-India Joint Issue

\"\"By Anurag Vajpeyi

\"\"A joint issue is the release of stamps or postal stationary by two or more countries to commemorate the same topic, event or person of relevance to both countries. Joint issues typically have the same first day of issue and their design is often similar or identical, except for the identification of country and value.India released joint issues with \"\"USSR,Iran,Mangolia,Philipines,France,Japan,China,,Korea,Cyprus and Mexico .Earlier stamps were released by India and South Africa on same Gandhi theme these stamps were also of same design.In 2004 India and Iran issued joint stamp issue along with sheetlet and Max Cards. Iran issued a beautiful presentation pack consists of stamps,fdc and max cards while India issued se-tenant stamps and sheetlet.Theme of this joint issue was Poets and Kabir from India and Hafiz from Iran were on stamps.\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"

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