Philately in Tanzania

\"\"By Anurag Vajpeyi

Tanzania is a beautiful country situated in East Africa.The country has vast natural and mineral resources which is reflected in its postal stamps.In Dar-es-Salaam there is a philatelic bureau in General Post Office and commemorative stamps and miniature sheets are available in bureau.

\"\"The Philatelic history of Tanzania begins with German East Africa, which was occupied by British forces during First World War. After the war, the territory was named Tanganyika  and issued stamps under that name until after a union with Zanzibar  in 1964.

The first issue of Tanzania proper was a set of four commemorative stamps marking the union, issued 7 July 1964. Inscribed \”UNITED REPUBLIC OF TANGANYIKA & ZANZIBAR\”, two values depict a map of the coast from Tanga to Dae-es-Salaam along with Zanzibar andPemba, while other two show hands holding a torch and spear.

\"\"The first definitive series was issued 9 December 1965, and consisted of a set of 14 values ranging from 5 cents to 20 shillings, depicting a variety of scenes, symbols, and wildlife.

Until 1976 The stamps of Tanzania were also valid in Kenya and Uganda and so Tanzania did not typically issue its own commemoratives. A definitives series issued on 9 December 1967 featured various fish , and series of 15 stamps from 3 December 1973 depicted butterflies . In 1976 and 1977, Tanzania issued eight commemorative sets that shared design with the stamps of Kenya, and after that it issued its own designs.

\"\"Stamp-issuing policy was relatively restrained in the 1980s, with about 7-8 special issues each year, typically of four stamps each, and a definitive series of mammals  in 1980, but by the end of the decade the postal administration had begun putting out large numbers of issues.

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