MaltaPost Salutes Buses of Yesteryear

\"\"With a new public transport service coming into effect in days, MaltaPost yesterday bid farewell to the traditional Maltese buses by issuing a commemorative set of 20 stamps depicting some of the vehicles that were in operation since the first bus was imported in Malta in 1905.MaltaPost chairman Joseph Said told journalists that this was an unusual occasion for the Maltese postal service because they are marking the end of a historical bus service. “MaltaPost felt the moment could not be left unnoticed by the philatelic world. The new stamps, a fair amount, were created after consulting with local and foreign Maltese bus experts. We did our best to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime event so that it can be enjoyed in the future,” Mr Said said.It is exciting to see foreigners being so keen about the old Maltese buses; many groups are coming over to bid farewell to the service before it ends on 2 July.The stamps will be issued on 2 July to coincide with the day when the current bus service will stop to make way for a new bus service which will be operated by Arriva Malta.The stamps consist of two sheets, bearing the denomination of €0.20c and €0.69c respectively.In addition to the stamp set, Malta Post produced a number of souvenirs to mark Malta’s milestone in transport history.A set of 20 maximum cards complementing the stamps have been issued. These are a philatelic version of a postcard bearing an identical image of each stamp.

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