Suomi Finland Released Stamp on Hockey

\"\"All the hockey experts said that Mikael Granlunds sensational lacrosse-style scooped goal in the World Championships semi-final against Russia would take some licking, and now – with almost unseemly haste – they are to be proved right.The wonder-goal has found its way rapidly onto a commemorative stamp, according to an announcement made on Friday by Itella (formerly Suomen Posti), the State-owned national mail enterprise.The first-class mail stamp has been designed around a press image of the goal as it went in, and shows Granlund, the stunned Russian goalie Konstantin Barulin, and the puck in the roof of the net.The stamps  can be bought only from Gonline shop in sheets of 20 (5 x 4), for EUR 15.00.

Actually, scrub that sentence above: they could be bought in that fashion, but the demand was so enormous that even before mid-afternoon on Friday the online store had to put up the shutters and admit they had sold out, and that they would only be getting new stock in after June 1st.Itella has been quite fleet of foot with their new issue.
Normally the design and production of a postage stamp takes from six months to a year, but the company realised that they needed to catch a wave of public enthusiasm for the World Championships victory in Bratislava, which was sealed with a 6-1 drubbing of Sweden in the final on Sunday, May 14th.

As it happens, the vain effort at punning in the opening sentence was just that: vain.
These stamps are of the peel-off variety and do not require any licking to stay on the envelope.
They are also so-called \”eternal\” stamps, good for putting on a first-class letter even if the price of sending such a letter goes up from the present rate of EUR 0.75.
Online discussion forums have already noted that the stamp contains some very nice free product placement/name recognition for an international sporting goods manufacturer, and also for a certain Finnish airline that was among the corporate partners of the winning team.

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