From Ahmedabad to New Delhi to Buy One Stamp

Ananya Bharadwaj

As a young boy, Prafulkumar Thakkar used to skip meals and buy stamps with the money\"\" saved. A lifetime has passed since then, but the 72-year-old former civil servant’s passion for philately has not dampened.When the first national stamp fair auction was held in Delhi on Saturday, the septuagenarian traveled all the way from Ahmedabad to buy a single stamp.“Collecting stamps is my hobby. I started collecting them when I was six years old. It is like a treasure. As a child, I found them very attractive and colourful. My pocket money was very limited, so I had to skip meals to buy stamps. Today, I have a collection of the rarest stamps,” says Prafulkumar.

Stressing on the need to develop a hobby, the retired civil servant said that even after retirement, he researches and reads on stamps for 16 hours a day. “I still have a lot to learn about stamps,” he says, adding that his hobby gave him the strength to deal with job pressure.(Source-Indian Express)

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4 Responses to From Ahmedabad to New Delhi to Buy One Stamp

  1. naresh agrawal says:

    Such is the hobby of stamp collecting.frankly we are not hobbiest but stamp addicts as we can not live without the dose of stamp/philately every dayThe more is the addiction the more is the dose required in terms of spending time in philately. Philately is alive and spreading only due to dedicated philatelists like you.There should be a separate recognized platform to recognize philatelic gems like you. Philately needs to be promoted not with the children but with the retired persons too….. Thanks for your nice small introduction…………………inspiring

  2. R.K.MISHRA says:

    Dear,Ananya Bharadwaj,

    Salute to your Junun-e-Philately.


    No wonder before love of stamps & collecting was called Philately,
    it was suffixed by (……) mania.

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