An Actual Se tenant

N.A. Mirza

An important, and worth-noting, aspect on the part of Saudi Post & Telegraph is the use of top and bottom strips to educate people on following the basics needed for speedy delivery of letters, e.g. one the slogans at the bottom of the sheet asks the senders to write the postal codes of both the sender and the receiver. This indeed helps the postal authorities sort out the letters for various areas and districts in a city. The same system we too have in India and you might have noticed that the post office authorities take pain to write the area code when not written by the sender but this does result in delays and the receiver receives the letter by a day or two.\"\"

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2 Responses to An Actual Se tenant


    Thanks for the Saudi Bridge se tenant. Very nice use of the medium.
    I may be incorrect-but I think the cars on the bridge are not to scale.
    Too Big.

  2. N.A.Mirza says:

    I dearly value your observation Mr. Gard

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