Stamps will Honour Titanic Anniversary

Canada Post will issue a set of four Titanic stamps in connection with the 100th\"\" anniversary of the legendary ocean liner.Titanic 100 had developed an application a year and half ago asking Canada Post’s Stamp Advisory to issue four stamps: one to record the famous sinking, a second, the iceberg which hit the Titanic, a third, the recovery operations with the Halifax cable ship Mackay- Bennett and the Halifax Titanic cemeteries and, a fourth, the Titanic riding the waves in the sun.Titanic 100 is a project to commemorate the Titanic centennial next year. \”I’m overjoyed. This is critical and wonderful,\” says Titanic 100’s director Ken Pinto.\”Eighty countries have had Titanic stamps the past 99 years, from Russia to the Belgian Congo . . . . The U.S. even had a Titanic stamp in 2000 to honour the James Cameron movie Titanic. Finally, we will have our own Titanic commemorative stamps.

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One Response to Stamps will Honour Titanic Anniversary


    Titanic- the movie is a different matter altogether.
    Otherwise what happened to TITANIC the liner was a huge tragedy.
    I wonder how so many countries have found a way to celebrate such
    a titanic tragedy by issuing stamps ??

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