Austria will Release Stamp on 100 year s of the Stammersdorf local railway

Austria Post will commemorate 100 year s of the Stammersdorf local railway on 15thJuly\"\" 2011.The stamp shows a historic steam locomotive of the BBÖ 378 series, and in the background can be seen the old railway station building of the popular Vienna wine village of Stammersdorf.The Stammersdorf local railway, today also known as the Weinviertel Regional Railway, is a single-track, non-electrified branch line operated by the Austrian Federal Railways in the Weinviertel of Lower Austria. Originally, it ran from Stammersdorf to Dobermannsdorf via Auersthal, but today only the section from Obersdorf to Bad Pirawarth is in operation.

The Stephaniebrücke – Stammersdorf steam tramway line was opened on 7 June 1884. By deed dated 6 January 1908, the Lokalbahn Stammersdorf – Auersthal Joint-Stock Corporation was finally granted a licence to construct and operate a standard gauge local railway line from Auersthal Station to Schweinbarth Station (Gänserndorf – Gaunersdorf local railway) and from Pyrawarth Station to Dobermannsdorf Station via Zistersdorf (Ernstbrunn – Hohenau local railway). The line to Gross Schweinbarth started operations on 9 August 1909, with the northern branch from Dobermannsdorf to Zistersdorf opening on 14 August of the same year, and exactly 100 years ago, on 15 July 1911, the start of operations on the last section of the route from Zistersdorf to Bad Pirawarth was celebrated. On 1 May 1913, the Lower Austrian Regional Railways took over the route before it was acquired by the Austrian Federal Railways on 1 January 1921. In May 1988, together with a number of other local railways in the Weinviertel, the Hohenruppersdorf – Dobermannsdorf and Obersdorf – Stammersdorf sections were closed down, the lines being removed from the latter in 1995.

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