Liechtenstein:Year of Forests Stamp

\"\"Liechtenstein has released this years Europa stamp on 6th June 2011 on the theme of Year of the forests. UNO has declared 2011 the “International Year of Forests”.This is intended to focus attention on one of the world’s most important ecosystems. Forests supply the renewable resource timber, protect against natural hazards, provide a habitat for plants and animals and serve as an important recreational space for people. Liechtenstein is a country which benefits notably from its forests – after all, its forested area makes up 43% of its whole land surface. Many of its forests, some of them in very steep locations, act as protective barriers against natural hazards such as avalanches, rockfall and land erosion (mudflows).

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  1. HARSH MAHAJAN says:

    Why not India Postage not issuring Stamp on this Theme?

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