Philatelic Tip of the Week

\"\"Almost every philatelist comes across with such a situation when postage stamps are stuck together.Reasons may be numerous but the hilarious task is to get them seperated safely. There is always a risk of getting stamps damaged while seperating them from each other.The gum-moisture often causes this problem if stamps are kept in groups over considerable period.

Here is a useful way to seperate the stucked- stamps with no harm or damage.Use the refridgerator in your home for this purpose. If you put in the stucked stamps in the freezer of your refridgerator just for 10-15 minutes they will come apart without damaging the glue.

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4 Responses to Philatelic Tip of the Week

  1. HARSH MAHAJAN says:

    amazing and thanks for sharing the information

  2. today first time i came across with the website and like it.hope it will be much helpfull to me.


    Thanks for the tip.

    Can somebody share tip about soaking a se-tenant, block off the
    paper cover??

    Dealers do it very-2 expertly but do not tell how. It’s exeprience…
    experience… they say!

  4. Ricardo C. Guarde says:

    Thanks for the nice and easy tip to separate stuck stamps. Mine is to soak in lukewarm water, the usual one. I’ll try this tip Welcome Suresh Kumar Mahato.

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