New Europa Stamps of Aland

\"\" Åland will release 2 stamps on 28th Sep.2011 under scenery series. The final two municipalities to be featured are the archipelago municipality of Kökar and Åland’s largest municipality, Jomala. All 16 Åland municipalities will then have been presented and a beautiful pack holding the 16 scenery stamps will also be available.

Kökar is an island situated in the outskirts of the Åland archipelago and the southern-most Åland municipality. Kökar is a popular place for tourists to visit. Many come here to visit the Otterböte Bronze Age site, an ancient settlement for seal hunters.

Jomala is located in the middle of main Åland and offers a variety of nature experiences. Kjell Söderlund shot the stamp photo at Hammarudda on the border of the Åland Sea. In Jomala, however, we also find open fields, deciduous woodland meadows and Ice Age formations. It is not known from where the name Jomala originates but theories suggest that “jom” comes from the name of the Viking god Jom and that “ala” means “place”. Therefore, Jomala would mean “the place where Jom is worshipped”.

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