Tagore Booklets: Another Scandal in the Name of Philately

Recently 4 private booklets on 150th Birth Anniversary of Gurudev Rbindranath Tagore came in light..These booklets depict different aspects of illustrious life of Gurudev. Each booklet contains Block of four of commemorative stamps released by India Post on 7th May 2011.By all estimates cost of the booklet should not be more than 40 Rs.It is being traded in the philatelic market at Rs. 200-250.Back of the booklets revealed that these booklets have been released by Chhhattisgarh Philatelic Association . We have received a mail from the President of Chhattisgarh Philatelic Association informing us that the association has never permitted and authorized designing, printing and release of any such booklet.\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"

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2 Responses to Tagore Booklets: Another Scandal in the Name of Philately

  1. dr pradeep jain says:

    Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore and Gandhiji both great personalities and their name is exploited everywhere so philately is not exception.So any event of these great persons life becomes a time of earning of our so called creative philatelist.The office bearers of Chhattisgarh phila association should explore this matter because in future it should not be repeated.If this type of fake items are sold in other countries then this will diminish the reliability of our philatelic material.
    This is duty of all of us to buycott this type of private, costly and moneymaking cindrella items which have no philatelic value

  2. Ani kr Pujara says:

    A simple denial by the President of the Chattisgarh Philatelic Association does not bring an end to the matter.Infact it is the duty of all to bring the facts to the surface n real people should be exposed. Philatelic community deseres to know the real faces behind the game.After all it is their sentiments n their money which is at stake.More over it will put a check on such like activities to take place in future.

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