Rarest Autographed FDC of MF Hussain

By Madan Middha

The First Day Cover  is autographed by two of the most valuable artists of Contemporary Indian Art, M.F.Hussain & S.H.Raza ,on the FDC(1982) of a set of stamps bearing their paintings on them. It is among the rare of the rarest to have both these signatures at one place .\"\"

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3 Responses to Rarest Autographed FDC of MF Hussain


    M.F.Husain’s autographs shouldn’t be technically rare. As he
    is said have painted 60,000 plus paintings, and they all
    must be signed by him!!

  2. sudhir Jain says:

    Very good cover. Congratulations.

  3. Anil Kr Pujara says:

    Indeed it is a rare item n prized possession.Dear Midha Ji congratulations.

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