Royal Mail will Release Stamps on Jewels in the Crown

\"\"Royal Mail will issue 8 stamps on  Crown Jewels  on 23 August 2011. The Crown Jewels stamps feature some of the most important and iconic pieces from this fabulous collection; with images specifically chosen to reflect their beauty and intricate workmanship.This year marks the 350th anniversary of the making of many of the items featured on the stamps, which were created for the coronation of King Charles in 1661, following the Restoration of the monarchy in 1660.Among these were the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross and St Edward’s Crown (both 1st Class), Rod and Sceptre with Doves (68p) and the Sovereign’s Orb (76p).

The 12th century Coronation Spoon (£1.10) was the only piece of medieval state regalia to escape destruction under the orders of Oliver Cromwell.  Other Crown Jewels featured are the Queen Mary’s Crown (68p), Jewelled Sword of Offering (76p) and the Imperial State Crown (£1.10).Over the years the Crown Jewels have been added to and remodelled for various members of the royal family and royal occasions, but they still remain, as they have done since the initial collection was established in 1303, in the Tower of London.

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    Curiously, while jewels constitute 100s of different naturally
    occuring substances like ruby,emerald, …….&……….. British crown
    jewels are almost 100% oversize diamonds.
    Good advertisement for firms like De Beers & Cartier.
    And our very own Titan & Geetanjali.

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