Korea Released Stamps on Tourist Destinations

\"\"Korea has issued 4 stamps on tourist attractions of the country.The Stamps features the landscapes of Juknokwon in Damyang, a green tea field in Boseong, a wetland in Upo and Jusanji in Cheongsong.

Juknokwon in Damyang is a fascinating place where the wind blow through the bamboo forest producing rustling sounds of bamboo leaves. The forest of bamboos that spreads out at 160,000 square meters has a 2.2 km-long trail where visitors can enjoy a peaceful stroll through the woods.

Green Tea Field in Boseong is a real feast of green undulating waves, stretched out endlessly. Boseong is Korea\’s largest tea-growing area.

Upo Wetland in Changnyeong is called \”the kidneys of nature\” for its function of naturally purifying water. Upo Swamp is the largest natural wetland in Korea, stretching over about 231 hectare. As home to 2,000 floras and faunas including rare living creatures, it serves as the repository of biological diversity and presents a superb natural landscape.

Jusanji Cheongsong Willows seem to float on the water. Water fog and a mysterious aura permeate the scenery making Jusanji appear as if it were a well-drawn piece of art. In 1720, Jusanji was built as an agricultural reservoir which is 100m long, 50m wide and 7.8m deep. It is said that over the past 300 years since, the reservoir has never revealed its bottom.

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