First Coil Stamps of India

\"\"\"\"By Dr Pradeep Jain

FIRST COIL STAMP-In 1964 P&T department installed  automatic stamp vending machines on an experiment basis at Parliament street, post office.Horizontal rows of stamps from map of India(Asokan watermark) were joined together.The denominations were 5,10,15,20,25 and 50 paise.These are known as Coil stamps.All stamps were numbered serially on the gumside with six digit numbers.

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One Response to First Coil Stamps of India


    Thanks for the Coil-Stamps. Previously I thought we were
    imitating Sweeden etc., but our stamps were not flat cut on two
    sides. I suppose In our vast,wet & sweaty country paper coils is not a
    good idea & must have been a logistical nightmare for P&T.

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